UNIVERSEECAR Import&Export Co.,Ltd

UNIVERSEECAR Import&Export Co.,Ltd

Electric car,Electric moped,Electric scooter,Electric Bike,Electric trike
About us
Changzhou universeecar Import&Export Co.,Ltd , as a professional foreign trade business company located in
Changzhou, China is established in 2014, and specialize in electricity automobile, OEM/ODM.

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Our main products including electric passenger cars,electric cargo cars,electric tricycle,electric scooters,electric
bicycles,electric accessory, etc. They are widely used in disable people,old people,factory,hotel,golf
course,downtown,airport,train station,city square,exhibition hall and so on. 

We set up our YouTube channel at the year of  2016 and keep update new products and our partner vehicles.

We commit to supply Hi-tech, High-quality and Humanized products. We regard "find and meet customers'
different requirements" as our duty, continuously innovating, refining and changing. 
From Google search engine you can very easily find our website structure and the first one.

Our main exprt market is Europe and North America,(Million)

201910  Export Amount 2.64
201911  Export Amount 2.66
202001  Export Amount 0.66
202005  Export Amount 1.38
202007  Export Amount 3.67
202008  Export Amount 5.59
202010  Export Amount  3.63
202011  Export Amount  5.21

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