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    Why is the electric car charger always lit green?

    Why is the electric car charger always lit   green?

    The reason why the electric car charger always lights up green:
    1. The charger's converter is damaged, cannot be converted and charged, and the  charger resistor 
    needs to be replaced.
    2, the battery is open, check with a multimeter.
    3, the charger insurance burned out, need to replace the charger.
    4. The power cord and the battery socket are disconnected and the contact is bad. It needs to be 
    checked and replaced.
    5, the charger red LED is damaged, you need to go to the regular repair shop to repair.

    Why is the electric car charger always lit red?
    Electric vehicle charger Under normal circumstances, the electric vehicle is charging, and it will 
    jump green light for 8 hours. But sometimes users will find this situation: the electric car always 
    lights up red when charging, and it can be fully charged after a few hours of charging, but the 
    result is that there is no jumping light for one day and one night. What is going on?
    In fact, this is the reason for battery polarization and battery water loss. It can be restored in 
    time for maintenance. The method is: the battery is supplemented with 15ML pure water, charged with 
    4 amps of current, charged to the current to 1 amp, parked for 2 hours. , measure the voltage of 
    each battery is 13.3, if one does not reach the battery, until it is reached, then string the 
    battery up, just fine.

    Electric car charger correct charging method

    1. When the power is found to be less than 30% during use, it should be charged in time. Long-term 
    deep discharge (riding to system forced power off) or too shallow discharge (only riding 1~2Km) 
    will affect battery performance. The battery is charged when the battery is used up to 70%, and the 
    battery performance is optimal.
    2. It is best to charge the battery in a cool, ventilated, dry place. Direct sunlight or rain can 
    have a bad effect on the performance of the battery and charger. Keep the battery and charger away 
    from other heat sources when charging.
    3. When the battery is used up, it should be fully charged in time. The green light of the charger 
    indicates full. Using the battery for a long period of time under power storage or when the battery 
    is not fully charged will affect the performance of the battery. It is especially good to use the 
    battery 3 hours after the charger is green.
    4. When using the charger to charge the battery, first plug in the output plug of the charger and 
    then plug in the input plug. If you do not follow the steps, it will cause a fire when connecting 
    the battery end. It may cause an explosion of hydrogen gas generated in the power box. In addition, 
    the charger must be disconnected from the mains.

    Charger maintenance tips

    1. Always remove dust and dirt from the charger cover, and keep the charger dry and clean to 
    prevent the accessories in the charger from being corroded.
    2. Avoid overcharging. When the charger shows green light, charge it for 1-2 hours to stop 
    charging. It can not be charged overnight or even one day. Many people know that charging will
    damage the battery, but I don't know that overcharging will also affect the charger.

    3, the charger should not be carried with the car, because the charger on the bumpy road is  easy
    to cause the inner parts to fall off due to bumps.

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